Certificate Of Competency

Test and Tag Courses

ATTA Training also offer a Certificate of Competency, which is Nationally Accepted Training in compliance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760. This is the bench mark and minimum requirement in Australia & New Zealand.

This course will provide in-depth training you need to become a “Competent Person” to test and tag. The certification you will earn is recognized by Australian employers and institutions.

Individuals or business owners can complete this course. It is ideally suitable for anyone wanting to Test and Tag their own tools and leads or Maintenance personnel in larger businesses being able to adhere with the OH&S compliance regulations or people wanting to start their own business.

Once your training is successfully completed, you will receive a Certificate of Competency from ATTA Training.

Queensland regulations are different to the rest of Australia.

This qualification will allow you to Test and Tag equipment that you own or if you are employed equipment that your employer owns.

To conduct Test and Tag as a commercial enterprise there are further requirements. Contact Queensland Electrical Safety Office for more detail.

Emergency & Exit Lights Course

On successful completion of this course you will have the skills and knowledge to perform the
inspection and maintenance of emergency evacuation lighting in buildings in accordance with
the standard AS/NZS 2293.2

The qualification level required for this is a COMPETENT PERSON.

The course will cover the requirements of the standard as well as instruction on the scope of works.

AS/NZS 2293.2

This standard sets out the requirements for the periodic inspection
and maintenance procedures which should be instituted for emergency evacuation lighting
systems. The objective of these requirements is to ensure that such lighting systems will be in
a state of readiness for operation at all times.


Scope of works.

The technician’s primary role is to check, test and clean exit and emergency lights to ensure
compliance with the standard AS/NZS 2993.

A secondary role is to ensure that placement of all emergency and exit lights remain
compliant with the building code and provides a clearly defined passage way to follow to
egress the building. This must be observable from any part of the workplace. This becomes
particularly important when internal layout configurations change.

The technician is not obliged to carry out any repair or replacement of the lights, however
they may replace batteries, light tubes and starters, so long as they are only exposed to extra
low voltage.

Course Information Virtual Classroom (Online) Test and Tag

There are three components to this course.

  • Theoretical learning- session online via Microsoft Teams – 4 hours
  • Practical Learning- via videos through an online link provided after learning session – 1 hour
  • Assessments- Completed offline preferably within 7 days, with a 1 month maximum.
    • Written via an online form. 15 minutes
    • Practical Demonstration submitted via video. 45 minutes.
  • Computer with web cam and microphone – Good stable internet connection.
  • Own or have access to a PAT tester.
  • Smart phone capable of filming video.
  • WhatsApp installed onto that phone. (Available free from App Store and Google Play).

Course Information Virtual Classroom (Online) Plug Top Replacement

Proof of completion of an approved Test and Tag Course is a pre requisite of this course.

There are two components to this course.

  • Theoretical learning and assessment session online via Microsoft Teams – 2 hours.
  • Assessment
    • Construct an extension lead under the observation of the trainer. (On Camera)
    • Written assessment via an online form. – 10 minutes.
  • Computer with web cam and microphone – Good stable internet connection.
  • 1 x 10a replaceable plug and 1 x 10a replaceable extension socket.
  • 1 metre of 3 core (1.5mm) flexible cord. (Similar to an extension lead)
  • Tools – Side Cutters, Suitable Screwdriver, Wire Strippers, Sheath Stripper.
  • A PAT Tester.

Course Information Virtual Classroom (Online) Exit Lights

There are two components to this course.

  • Theoretical learning session online via Microsoft Teams – 2 hours.
  • Written assessment via an online form. – 10 minutes.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Computer with web cam and microphone.