Payment Policy

To secure a place in any training course, payment must be made at time of booking.

  1. No booking is confirmed until payment is received by ATTA Training.
  2. Payment may be made via our PayPal portal using Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal account transfer Or eligible by bank transfer
  3. Payment may also be made over the phone using your credit card. Phone: 03 9532 1000
  4. Any participant arriving at a Face to Face course where payment has not been made will not be admitted to the course.

Cancellation Policy

Once a booking is made and confirmed the course will proceed as scheduled, providing:-

  1. More than 1 person is booked.
  2. No other circumstance out of our control occurs.
  3. In such case participants will be rebooked on a suitable date, or a 100% refund is available, if that does not suit.

Should the participant wish to cancel their booking the following will apply:

  1. Should you wish to cancel or change dates with 7 clear days’ notice ATTA Training will offer the choice of re booking on another date or a 100% refund.
  2. Should you wish to cancel or change dates with 3 - 6 clear days’ notice ATTA Training will offer the choice of re booking on another date or a 70% refund.
  3. Should you wish to cancel or change dates with less than 3 clear days’ notice you will forfeit 100% of the fee.

Late Arrival Policy

Courses will commence on time at the advertised time. Any late arrival will be subject to the following policy:-

  1. Face to face participants are required to arrive on site 15 minutes prior to commencement time to complete the necessary paperwork.
  2. Participants arriving up to 15 minutes will be admitted at the trainer’s discretion.
  3. Participants arriving more than 15 minutes after the start time will not be admitted and will forfeit 100% of the course fee.
  4. Webex course participants are required to be signed in 5 minutes prior to start time to allow an on time start of this compressed version.
  5. Any participant attempting to be admitted to a Webex course 15 minutes after the commencement time will not be admitted and will forfeit 100% of the course fee.


Policies specifically for Webex enrolments only

The course run via Webex is heavily discounted against the face to face version. This is made possible by the reduced amount of time required by the trainer to be involved.

Assessment Submission Policy.

After completing the online season via webex all participants will receive an email outlining:-

  1. The assessment processes.
  2. A copy of the written assessment to be completed and returned.
  3. A demonstration video of the practical assessment (Via “whatsapp”).

These assessments are required to be returned within 7 days of the course date.

Written Assessments
The written assessment scan and email to trainingroom@attatraining.com.au

Practical Assessents
The practical videos are sent via “whatsapp” on 0492 802 492

Late Submission of Assessment
Late submissions will be accepted up to 1 calendar month after the course date without penalty. However, the participant should advise ATTA Training of delay.

At the expiration of 1 calendar month after the course date, if any part of the assessment has not been submitted or an extension applied for: -

  1. the participant will be deemed as “Not Competent”.
  2. The participant will need to re-enrol in a future course and pay the standard course fee.
  3. Alternatively, the participant may apply for a 1-month extension.
  4. This must be prior to the expiration of the 1 calendar month from the course date.

The fee for this extension is $80.00 per month which will be invoiced upon application.

  1. Payment is due on invoice date.
  2. Failure to pay will result in the participant being deemed as “Not Competent”.

Application for an extension can be made via an email sent to trainingroom@attatraining.com.au

Assessment Processing Time Policy

  1. All assessments will be processed usually within 48 hours of receipt but may take up to 7 days dependant on the volume of assessments to be processed.
  2. All results of assessments will be communicated via email immediately after assessment is completed.

Additional Support Policy

The trainer will always offer as much support as possible within the confines of the Webex session. Should a participant require additional one on one time outside of the Webex session, such as: -

  1. Additional time online exceeding 15 minutes.
  2. Face to Face time of up to 1 hour post the Webex session.

A charge equivalent to the differential between the discounted Webex fee and the standard Face to Face fee.

  1. Face to Face time of over 1 hour post the Webex session will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.